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UDP's Promise to Gambia

UDP's 5-Point Agenda plus

Priorities of a UDP government during the first 100 days and the first 365 days have been outlined particularly with a strong focus on the Public Sector Reforms, the reform of the Security Sector and Zero Tolerance on Corruption and Violence Against Women. Our focus is to “create a capable State for the effective delivery of social services to the Gambian People” including a Pandemic Containment and Response Framework If elected, a UDP Government will take office fully prepared to govern with clear benchmarks for measuring and delivering transformative development results as transparently and accountably as possible.


Youth Employment & Empowerment Scheme

Create a conducive environment; setting the right framework and facilitating collaboration with the private sector to ensure our youth obtain the right skills leading to their increased employability and/or business acumen..

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Education, Skills and Training

Provide Universal access to primary and secondary education. Review and improve the pay and working conditions of teachers to attract bright Gambians to the profession and to build the capacity of existing ones.

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Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition

A comprehensive agriculture sector management review will be conducted in order to revitalize the agriculture sector. The objective of this exercise is to rid..

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Public Health Security, Pandemic Containment and Social Protection

Improve health facilities and introduce schemes to protect the vulnerable. Upgrade basic social services..

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Energy and Digital Infrastructure.

Utilize ICTs to promote sustainable development in an all-inclusive information society. Adopt an effective e-Government strategy. Prioritize ICT education and training in our schools by making it a crucial ..

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udp manifesto 2021

udp's 17 policy sectors

Our Manifesto

Clear Vision

Our party’s manifesto is also designed to prepare our very youthful population for a future that is full of opportunities and a nation that is free, democratic and at peace with itself. Learn about our very clear vision for positively transforming The Gambia and Gambians. We hope to earn or win your support for the United Democratic Party.