udp's promise to you

Our 5-Point Agenda


Youth Employment & Empowerment Scheme

The United Democratic Party commits to:

Create a conducive environment; setting the right framework and facilitating collaboration with the private sector to ensure our youth obtain the right skills leading to their increased employability and/or business acumen.

Establish 10 specialised skills centers through skills enhancement zones and provide facilities for trainers to enhance skills in technology, sports and entrepreneurship.

Establish a youth empowerment fund to develop local commercial and business entities and establish Trade and Commerce Associations and arrangements with partners to create trading posts for commodities in the country (Trade Hubs).

Establish a policy of awarding a sizeable percentage of government contracts and projects to youths and youth enterprises as part of youth empowerment.

Promote and protect local enterprises and industries through an Indeginious Economic Empowerment Framework to ensure government purchases locally produced materials to promote job growth and local economic empowerment.

Provide investments in agriculture, manufacturing and tourism and establish reforms aimed at empowering youth participation in them.

Provide opportunities for women to engage in meaningful employment, with their employment rights and equal pay for equal work between men and women fully protected under the law.

Create an enabling environment to ensure a culture of self-employment in which people in self-employment will be provided with support through business policies, ease of doing business and the tax system.

5-Point Agenda


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