udp's promise to you

Our 5-Point Agenda


Energy and Digital Infrastructure

The United Democratic Party commits to:

Utilize ICTs to promote sustainable development in an all-inclusive information society.

Adopt an effective e-Government strategy.

Prioritize ICT education and training in our schools by making it a crucial part of academic curriculums.

Devise means to lower tariffs in the mobile telephony and internet service markets in order to enable more people to have affordable access to these services.

Promote the deployment, adoption, and use of broadband internet at affordable prices by ISPs and telecommunications operators in underserved areas of the country through incentives.

Establish standards and principles for The Gambia’s critical information and communication technologies.

Utilize mobile money transfer and other contactless payment technologies to increase commerce and reduce the propensity for cash-related transactions and the negative effects that has on our currency notes.

5-Point Agenda


Youth Employment and Empowerment
Create a conducive environment; setting the right framework and facilitating..
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Education and Skills Training
The UDP commits to provide Universal access to primary and secondary education..
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Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition
A comprehensive agriculture sector management review will be conducted in..
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Public Health Security, Pandemic Containment and Social Protection
Improve health facilities and introduce schemes to protect the vulnerable..
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