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Our party’s manifesto is also designed to prepare our very youthful population for a future that is full of opportunities and a nation that is free, democratic and at peace with itself. Learn about our very clear vision for positively transforming The Gambia and Gambians. We hope to earn or win your support for the United Democratic Party.

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Lawyer A.N.M Ousainu Darboe is running to defeat President Adama Barrow, to liberate our dear motherland from massive corruption, ineptitude, high commodity prices, high crime rates and no clear vision. He has the experience, the wisdom, the strength of character, patriotism and commitment to effect the change that the Gambia deserves and it is yearning. We, the United Democratic Party need your help, any amount you can contribute to intensify our efforts and fund our campaign to give the Gambia the leader it deserves who can kickstart its development agenda and lead with a purpose.